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  • Be Aware of Mental Health
  • Speech from Throne
  • Seniors in Alberta
  • Covenant House
  • Twitter
  • Empowering Seniors
  • Board Highlights
  • Book Review
  • Film Review
  • Celebrating Seniors Month
  • Senior Driver Testing Links
  • Items from the Quarterly Publication Canadian Pensioners Concerned
    September 2014 Vol. 40 Issue 3
    Editor: Dorothy Archer
    Layout: Margaret Gunhouse
    Editorial Board: The Executive

    Canadian Pensioners Concerned, Inc.
    225 Brunswick Ave. Toronto ON. M5S 2M6
    Phone: 416.964.9223 ext. 240
    Toll-free: 1.800.264.2784
    E-mail: canpension@gmail.com

    Issues of CPC Viewpoint are published March, June, September, and December.
    Submissions are welcome, subject to editing,
    and must be received by the third week of the month prior to publication.
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    Articles and AGM ReportsArchives

    Most of us have a resolution not to get dementia or Alzheimer’s. Yet life has a way of intervening......
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    The CPC office moved to 225 Brunswick Ave., one block south of Bloor at the corner of Sussex Ave., September 11th. The e-mail address remains the same but the telephone has changed to
    416-964-9223 extension 240
    and the toll free number has changed to:
    In June, CPC was told by the landlord that a tenant, who can use both the occupied and unoccupied rooms at #6 Trinity Square, would be taking over the premises in September resulting in a flurry of activity by the executive.


    The Speech from the Throne did not reference the non-profit sector specifically; however there were aspects related to subsectors.........
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    The Alberta Council on Aging is an independent non-profit charitable organization founded in 1967. Its mission is to improve the quality of life for seniors and encourage their participation in all aspects of community .....
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    For most of us, youth was a time of hopeful optimism and boundless possibilities. Today, homeless kids who struggle to survive on the street see only despair and desolation. On the street, the young are easy prey for those who want to use them for their own gain or gratification. Kids soon find they can be trapped in a seamy underworld of violence and exploitation......

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    Twitter is a social media platform where messages are short and to the point. Twitter began in the early ‘80s as an instant messaging service between IT (Information Technology) ‘geeks’ who wanted to communicate short messages such as ‘Lunch?’ or ‘Can we meet?’ without using e-mail or the phone. Since then it has grown into a media giant with 270 million monthly active users.. ...
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    Discussing and projecting statistics of the aging population in Canada is not to alarm, it is something to pay attention to and to celebrate. The grey wave is a demographic group of younger seniors to much older seniors due in part to the baby boomers coming of age and longer life expectancy....
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    Have you noticed how weird the weather is getting? Intense rains, tornados, longer winters, etc. After the last deluge of rain, I was pondering the state of the world. While I was waiting for an update on the weather, the news announced that a lady who protected some ducks crossing the highway was found guilty of a traffic violation....
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    BOARD HIGHLIGHTS. Correspondence

    To Hon. Kathleen Wynne congratulating her on her continued leadership of the government. A brief history of CPC was included and mention of our priorities of pensions, housing and mental health...
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            BOOK REVIEW

    Fatal Passage : The Untold Story of John Rae, the Arctic Adventurer Who Discovered the Fate of Franklin
    By Ken McGoogan Harper Collins, 2001
    Also an eBook
    This is an autobiography of a remarkable man who was born and raised in the Orkney Islands, became a doctor at the age of nineteen and then went looking for adventure. The year was 1833.
    Read more here....


    Directed by Richard Linklater. 2014
    If you enjoyed Michael Apted's Seven Up, you will certainly enjoy Boyhood. This is a three hour masterpiece featuring Patricia Arquette as Olivia, Ethan Hawke as Mason Sr., Ellar Coltrane as Mason Jr. and Lorelei Linklater, the director's daughter, as Samantha, young Mason's older sister. The film was created over a span of twelve years.....


    Ed Watson died July 17, 2014. His social work career focused on family and child welfare.
    As a member of the CPC Board in the 1990s, he prepared, with Derek Chadwick, Health Core Values Statement which was approved by the Board of Directors in December 1997.
    CPC participated in the Toronto celebration of Senior Month held in Nathan Phillips Square June 3. Frank O'Hara, Sylvia Hall, and Margaret Gunhouse tended the booth on this very hot day. Adding to the discomfort, copies of Viewpoint and Briefs were very popular and Margaret had to keep going back to the office to replenish the supply. Our appreciation to these stalwart souls!

    Frank O'Hara and Sylvia Hall

    Practice samples of the in-class screening exercises are available on the web at seniors.gov.on.ca.
    Tips on safe driving are available at seniorsdriving.caa.ca